Health Care Reform

Welcome to your Health Care Reform Resource

This page has been created for everyone who is concerned about the up and coming changes that will occur in your health care insurance coverage. Health care as we have known it is being drastically changed by state and federal legislation.

Our purpose is to make you aware of the changes & of their effects on your future health.

Here are the 5 Most Popular links on Health Care Reform:


  1. Illustrating Health Reform
  2. Employer Responsibility Under the Affordable Care Act
  3. Implementation Timeline
  4. Pamphlet: What Does Health Reform Mean to You?
  5. Who Benefits from Coverage Expansions
  6. Health Reform Subsidy Calculator
  7. How the Individual Mandate Works
  8. Individual Mandate and the Penalties
  9. Find Health Reform Provisions Tool
  10. How Do People Get Coverage under ACA?
  11. Resources for Individuals and Employers
  12. Healthcare Reform Glossary
  13. Frequently Asked Questions
  14. Implementation Resources
  15. State Actions Towards Creating Health Insurance Exchanges
  16. State by State Health Reform Data
  17. Read the Actual Law
  18. Government Healthcare Website
  19. Department of Labor Page on the Affordable Care Act
  20. IRS Page on the Affordable Care Act,,id=220809,00.html?portlet=104